A year on...

We take the occasion on the REMPEC regional workshop which was held in Malta (20-21 June) to reach out to OSRA's family of clients across the Mediterranean. Specific information about the outcomes of the meeting are available hereRecently, the IMO published a 2018 edition of the 'Section II - Contingency Planning' of the IMO Manual on Oil Pollution. It is available for £20 from the IMO or licensed distributors.

During the last 12 months, one of members (AOST in Malta) acquired "Alpha Briggs" and its stockpile in the Mediterranean. The acquired equipment is well suited for beach and port/near-shore use (as is the requirement in most of our operations in Malta and Greece); as well as an enhanced offshore-capability for use with the oil industry in North Africa. AOST Solutions Limited (as Alpha Briggs is now known) has a response stockpile distributed across the OSRA network in Malta, Greece and Tunisia.

AOST has struck collaboration agreements to have a large fleet of vessels available to it (based out of Malta) as OSRA MALTA. This builds on our collaboration for a Greece-based fleet working with OSRA GREECE and the support of NRC International.

OSRA MALTA also passed a full audit conducted by Transport Malta and is a fully compliant and licensed operator to provide 'on-call' emergency response services in terms of S.L.499.12.

Take a moment to go through our Experience portfolio, with projects entrusted to OSRA across the whole Mediterranean.

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