Integrated Response: Bringing together OSR and Salvage Teams to protect the Marine Environment

On the second day of the MOIG workshop, Dorothea Maragkopoulou from OSRA Greece delivered a presentation about the need for closer interaction between salvage and marine environmental response.

OSRA Greece itself is a joint venture between the owners of the salvage company MEGATUGS and AOST: the founders of the OSRA network concept. Thus the expertise is an interesting tandem of salvage and antipollution operations. Dorothea brought to life the lesson learnt that salvors and oil spill response operators must work together, and that close collaboration is an optimal formula for protection of the marine environment and lowering claim costs related to pollution at sea.

The presentation brought forth examples from the Easter Mediterranean and discussed how in each, the salvor and the oil spill response team worked together as one team. The examples brought to life each incident and shared the lessons learnt. Finally Dorothea made recommendations for the future of closer collaboration which hopefully can see further improvements in working practices. The aims are firstly to prevent pollutants from even entering the water, and secondly to contain possible spills since their spread severely damages ecologically and/or economically sensitive areas.

The session, titled National & Regional Emergency Response Exercises, was chaired by Gabino Gonzalez (Head of Office - REMPEC) and Sandro Sammut (OSRA Regional Response Mananger and OSRA Malta Director).

The ultimate objective of OSRA is to continue to develop a holistic, cost-effective OSR solution which is now, more than ever, needed by E&P companies and ship-owners in the Mediterranean.

We invite responders and salvors to discuss how we can build a Mediterranean-wide integrated supply chain that provides the regional solution required by the industry. Visit our GreeceMalta and Tunisia pages to understand what OSRA International delivers at a country level.

Contact: or Sandro Sammut on +356 9942 2500


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